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If you want to taste with your eyes glorious dishes, weird products, to discover strange new worlds and boldly go where no stomach has gone before... Our slideshows are here!

French Childhood Treats

French schoolchildren of all ages remember these cakes and cookies they ate when they came home every day. Take a trip down French memory lane and make these delicious and easy treats for your children!

Cutie Pie

Tarts are traditional French dishes, and everyone knows the quiche Lorraine and the tatin tart. But what about the others?! Each French region has its own special tart! Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about French tarts …

Which cheese?

When we think of France, we obviously think of cheese!
Everything you need to know about traditional French cheese

Detox water

Nice, fresh and fruity!

Eggs, the French way

You want to cook somethign different from the dull scrambled eggs?
Learn more about our French eggs recipes for any occasions!

French breakfasts

The breakfast is a real important meal. The French breakfast is the only one to be so different from the other meal.
Here is a little presentation of the French’s habits in the morning to begin a good day, with recipes to have everything homemade every morning!

Instructions for the perfect leg of lamb cooking

Follow our guide to have a lamb meat very tender, as gentle as a lamb!


Here is how to choose, serve and enjoy champagne!

Foie gras

There's only one foie gras, but many ways to eat it... So, to fully enjoy it, let’s look at how to choose your foie gras and how to cook it!


The ocean's pearl will not go unnoticed on our celebration's table... Here are some tips to choose your oysters well!

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