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Detox water

Nice, fresh and fruity!
Detox waters
You've probably seen one before, the “detox waters” are, as their name suggests, detoxifying. They are perfect to stock up on vitamins and, most of all, they incite us to drink more water.
And if it is nice to drink, it’s also really nice to look at! Try #detoxwater on Instagram or Pinterest, we think you’re gonna be enthralled ;-)
And they are really really REALLY easy to make: you have water? You have fruits? You can prepare your detox water right now. Do not hesitate to infuse into water any fruits, and also herbs or bays. And do not forget to wash them first!
Let's sum up:
-     Take a nice bottle (or jar)
-     Wash the selected fruits and herbs
-     If they are big enough, cut them into pieces
-     Put them in the container
-     Add water
-     Put it in the fridge
-     Let it infuse at least 30 minutes (the more you wait, the better it will be! Ideally let it rest a few hours or a night)
-     Enjoy! (But be careful, it can’t be stored more than 24h!)
Now it’s time to try, and on the following pages you’ll find a selection that (we hope) will give you some ideas to prepar your own :-)


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