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Quiz: Excuse my French. French food or swear word?

Is it a French dish or a French swear word?

Christmas Time in Paris

Paris being the world city it is, the streets are always busy, but around Christmas time, they become even busier. There are always many things to do or see but at Christmas, there are even more! Strolling around the city to see the Christmas lights, drink French mulled wine, buy souvenirs and Christmas presents at the different Christmas markets… Here is our non-exhaustive to-do list if you are in Paris around Christmas time!

A Very French Christmas

Christmas is a time for families and tradition. Everyone gathers around the dinner table on the night of the 24th and enjoys the finest French food. Needless to say, this is a moment many of us, French people, are excited about. (Yes, we do love our food a little too much…). 

Quiz: What should you cook tonight? Festive Edition

We've got everything covered tonight: you'll be cooking a festive dish.

Top 25 French Food

French food is a title that applies to many, many, many dishes. French starter, or should I say entrées, French main dishes, French side dishes, French sauces, French breads, French desserts, French snacks… Here are only 25 of them to try and cook at home!

How to Drink Wine Like French People

French wine, or rather French wines as there are so manyare extremely famous both in France and abroad. All the names, all the regions of France, and all the types available can be quite confusing. No worries, if you are new to wine, especially French wine, this guide is here to help you. How to choose your wine, how to store it, how to taste it and what to eat with it: all our suggestions to pick and drink the French wine of your dreams and enjoy it

The Perfect Cheese Platter

A cheese platter is a great way to end a fancy (or less fancy) dinner. Or if you really love cheese like myself, you could make the cheese platter the entire dinner. But how to make the perfect cheese platter? The answers to every question you've ever had about cheese, wine and platters are here...

Quiz: What Should You Cook Tonight?

We're telling what you should cook tonight according to your spirit animal. (No, you won't be eating any of these animals no worries.)

Why French Food Is Actually Healthy

I repeat: French food is actually healthy. Reading such title might have intrigued you, and rightly so. Abroad, French food has the reputation of being – apart from delicious and fancy – fatty, greasy and overall unhealthy.

France in the Fall

 Seeing the green, yellow, orange, brown, and red leaves on the trees and on the ground in the streets, hearing them creaking under your feet, enjoying a warm café au lait in a café on a rainy day  … How romantic, how poetic, how gorgeous Paris and France can be during the fall: 4 things to do in Paris in the fall.

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