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20 min
45 min
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Recipe - Dessert - Easy - Cheap - Vegetarian
Ingredients : . Preheat oven to 200°C (392°F) (thermostat 6/7). Grease a cake pan. Grind the flaxseeds in a blender and add water, allow to swell. Prepare the dried fruits: Cut plums into small cubes. Cut in half the hazelnuts, almonds and...
25 min
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Recipe - Snacks - Very easy - Cheap - Vegetarian
Ingredients : nut, white chocolate, milk, hazelnut, dark chocolate, grated coconut. Melt each chocolate in its own bowl in a bain-marie. On a tray covered with baking paper, draw chocolate disks (about 2 inches large). Leave enough space in-between...
20 min
10 min
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Recipe - Dessert - Very easy - Cheap - Vegetarian
Ingredients : cream, milk, dark chocolate, lemon juice, pear, grated coconut, butter, rum, banana, fig. Peel the fruits and cut them into slices (except the tangerines). Squeeze lemon juice on top of them. Arrange them nicely in a dish with...
15 min
10 min
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Recipe - Dessert - Easy - Moderate - Vegetarian
Ingredients : sugar, flour, hazelnut, egg, butter, vanilla sugar. Mix the butter an sugar until it becomes like a mousse. Add the egg, the vanilla sugar and the ground hazelnuts. Then add the flour and mix it all. Arrange some little pile on...
10 min
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Recipe - Starter - Very easy - Cheap - Vegetarian
Ingredients : cream, cheese, pear, butter, syrup. Peel and slice the pear thinly. In a frying pan, melt some butter and add the pear slices. Pour maple syrup. In a small bowl, crush the walnuts. Cut the Camembert cheese in half, horizontally. Spread...
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